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Frequently Asked Questions: Port St. Lucie Real Estate

General Real Estate Questions

What geographic areas do you service?
I am a Florida real estate agent, assisting people in selling and buying homes in the areas of: Port St. Lucie, Stuart, Palm City, Jensen Beach, Hutchinson Island, Sewalls Point and Saint Lucie West.

What is the MLS?
A Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, is the main database that most realtors use to find out what properties are on the market in a desired area. If you are selling your home, it is important to list it in the MLS database so that your home is exposed to the maximum number of buyers.

Are you an MLS realtor?
Yes. I am a member of the regional MLS system. That means I can show you any of the homes listed with MLS and also place a listing for your home if you plan to sell.

How do your services differ from that of other realtors?
It's not so much that the services I offer differ from other realtors; it's the way in which I provide those services. I work very closely with my clients. Personalized service is a mantra to me. I am definitely a hands-on realtor. Whether you are buying or selling a home, I make sure you get all the information you need and know all of your options so you can make informed decisions every step of the way.

How are realtors paid?
Realtors are paid by sellers in the form of a commission. The commission amount is based on a percentage of the sale price of the home.

Questions About Selling a Home

I am considering selling, but first I want to find out what my home is worth. Can a realtor help me determine a price?
Yes, I have a thorough knowledge of the current real estate market. I'll prepare a professional market analysis of your home to help you set a price that will sell your property in a reasonable amount of time and yet ensure that you get top dollar.

When is the best time to place my home on the market?
Generally speaking, early spring and early fall are considered good listing times. Also, because of the many snowbirds who come to the Port St. Lucie area, early winter can be a good time to sell as well. While you might have more competition during these peak selling seasons, the fact is, if you have a property that is priced right and marketed effectively, finding a buyer at any time of the year is not a problem. Therefore, sell your property when it's convenient for you!

If I hire you to sell my home, what type of marketing will you do to promote my property?
In addition to signage in front of your home, I will buy ads in local and regional newspapers. Plus, I offer something that few other realtors can-visibility on a top-ranked website. My website is easily found on the Internet by people from all over the country which makes it an ideal place to advertise your property. My website not only attracts local buyers but also people planning to relocate to the area.

How should I prepare my home for sale?
I can help you look at your home through the eyes of a seller. Generally speaking, my advice typically is: Get rid of any clutter, fix any obvious problems, paint where necessary and finally, clean, clean, clean. Investing the time to make your property look its best could translate into thousands of dollars in the selling price.

Questions About Buying a Home

What is a buyer agent?
As your buyer agent, I work for you. I have your best interests at heart. I can save you hours of time researching properties by doing much of the legwork for you. I'll help you find the homes that meet your criteria. I can also provide you with a wealth of information and resources that will enable you to make the best decision. Finally, I can assist with seller negotiations and all the other complicated aspects of a real estate transaction.

Is there a fee to hire you as my buyer agent?
No. My fees as a buyer agent are paid 100% by the seller of the property you purchase. Such a deal! You get someone working exclusively for you and someone else foots the bill for my services.

Do I have to sign a buyer agent contract?
Yes. You will be asked to sign a contract that basically states that if you buy a home while I am serving as your buyer agent, the seller must pay me a commission. You can, however, cancel the contract at any time.

Questions About New Construction

Do I need a realtor if I plan to buy a Port St. Lucie new construction home?
I'll help you zero in on the best builders and communities. I'll assist you in selecting a home style and making the many other difficult decisions such as floor plans, building materials and fixtures. I'll tell you which options are the best value and have the greatest appreciation potential. When you work directly with a builder, he's calling all the shots, and he's making all the rules. I can help protect your interests. Buying a home is a very big decision. Isn't it nice to know you have someone with knowledge and experience to guide you!

Does it cost more to use a realtor with new home construction?
No. Buyer representation on new construction does not cost you anything. That's right-zero cost to you! The builder has already included a commission in developing his pricing. Whether or not you actually use a realtor, the price remains the same.

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